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Vehicle Safety

We offer innovative products such as reflective tapes and warning triangles to enhance the safety of your vehicle and to avoid mishaps on the road in order to reduce accidents and hazards.

Oralite VC Reflective Tapes

The Oralite VC Series, comprising of VC300, VC600 and VC750 reflective tapes, is a complete product line of reflective tapes for application onto rigid bodies, circular tankers as well as on to wooden bodies.

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Warning Triangle

Necessary for warning other road users of a breakdown or a crash ahead

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Vehicle Graphics

Create awareness by using our reflective vehicle graphics designed for vehicle livery

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Vehicle Lightbars

Provide officer vehicles with a safe and reliable emergency warning solution

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Rubber Wheel Chock

Secure your heavy vehicles to prevent rolling of the vehicle whenever it is parked during loading and unloading operations

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Wheel Clamp

Designed to prevent motor vehicles from being moved

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Reflective Seat Belt

Help increase visibility of the driver from afar.

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