Oralite VC Reflective Tapes

The Oralite VC Series, comprising of VC300, VC600 and VC750 reflective tapes for vehicles, is a complete product line of reflective tapes for application onto rigid bodies, circular tankers as well as on to wooden bodies.

Uses of Oralite VC Reflective Tapes

  • Improves visibility of vehicles in low light conditions. When the reflective tape is shined with a beam of light of any oncoming vehicle, it retro-reflects the light back to the source. This helps drivers to know that there is another vehicle ahead of them, or at the side of the road.
  • Increases the safety of road users as oncoming drivers would be alerted well in advance of any vehicle stopped by the side of the road. These vehicles hold the risk of not being seen, the risk of being hit by other vehicles and the risk of causing death to other road users. With proper reflective tape marking, these risks can be prevented.

The Oralite VC reflective tapes have been tested and certified by SIRIM to have high reflectivity index that conforms to the SIRIM Standard. It is visible up to 300m away, effectively alerting other drivers in advance.

Reflective tapes are a huge help to road users since it adds more safety measures and could actually save lives. This is why companies should have reflective tapes installed in all of their commercial vehicles, not only to keep their vehicles intact, but also for the life of the drivers, as well as the lives of other road users, all while effectively saving costs.

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